GRUNDIG Oxygen Bar

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[Natural Oxygen Bar]: GRUNDIG oxygen concentrator main function is to produce oxygen, the unit separates oxygen from air which allows high-purity supplemental oxygen to be delivered to you through the oxygen outlet continuous, as it is electrically operated.

[Quality Oxygen Generator]: GRUNDIG oxygen bar is made of France high quality molecular filter, it can work 24 hours nonstop. We provide 2 years warranty guarantee, any questions about product, please feel free contact us.

[Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator]: GRUNDIG oxygen regulator air supply oxygen flow 1-6L / min adjustable 30%±3 - 90%±3, HD LED Touch screen is easy to read and adjust, infrared remote control is easy to control the machine remotely.

[Function Oxygen Maker]: GRUNDIG oxygen generator built-in high frequency negative ion generator, negative ion function can work simultaneously with the oxygen system. Otherwise, the machine is equipped with a timing and timing shutdown function.

[Portable Oxygen Machine]: GRUNDIG oxygen machine is small size 10*5.4*9 inch, weight 11 Lb, it is easy and convenient to carrier with strap, it is perfect suitable for vehicles and traveling.

Power: AC220V, 50Hz-60Hz/AC110V, 60Hz
Input Power: 120VA
Oxygen Concentration: 30%∽90%
Oxygen Flow: 1∽6L/Min
Noise: Front Face 45dB(A); Whole Machine 49dB(A)
Net Weight: 5.0kg/11 Lb
Size: 25.4*13.8*23.0(cm)/10*5.4*9.0inch

Packing List:
1. Machine: 1 unit
2. User Manual: 1 unit
3. Inverter: 1 set
4. Power cord: 1 root
5. Headset-Type Oxygen Device: 1 set
6. Nasal Oxygen Tube Oxygen Device: 1 set
7. Filter Sponge: 2 units (One Supplied, One Installed)
8. Water Tank Plug: 2 units (One Supplied, One Installed)
9. Remote Control: 1 unit
10. Car Strap: 1 root
11. Drawstring Bag (Small): 1
12. Drawstring Bag (Large): 1
13. Glass fuse: 2 units (One Supplied, One Installed)
14. Hexagon wrench:1 unit