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GRUNDIG Electric Scooter X7 black

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Removable Battery


“Unique Design”

  • Max Endurance: 25KM

  • Max Speed: 25KM/H

  • Max Weight: 120KG

  • Max Gradiant: 15°

  • Charging Time: 4H

  • Tire: 10" Air-filled

Handle & Display
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    Cruise Control
  • grundigX7Bmain10
    3 Speeds
  • grundigX7Bmain11
    Easy to Use

Powerful Motor


“350 W”


Enjoy Your Commute



Inspired by Life


“Product Details”

  • idea2
  • tire2
    10" Air-filled Tire
  • battery2
    Long Endurance
  • safety2
  • cruise2
    Cruise Control

We Care About Your Safety


“3 Brakes”

ABS Disc Brake, Electronic Brake, Rear Fender Brake




ALREADY AT YOUR SERVICE SINCE 1930: The GRUNDIG brand stands for 90 years of continuous innovation and making everyone’s life easier. We couldn’t stay behind on the trend of durable urban mobility vehicles. So, we came up with our unique design that reflects all the qualities associated with this top brand.


UNIQUE FEATURES: The stunt scooter has air-filled 10 inch tires, which is the best for shock absorption. You can take out the battery, which no other e scooter has. With this removable battery feature, you buy a second battery, which enables you to do longer rides or you can take it out when you park somewhere as part of the anti-theft system. It also has cruise control: press the accelerator for about 6 seconds and the cruise control kicks in.


LAST MILE SOLUTION: With more and more European cities banning cars that are too polluting from their city center, you need to have an alternative for your last mile traveling to the city. GRUNDIG e-scooter is the perfect solution as it has zero emission.


CERTIFIED SAFE AND GUARANTEED ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The battery is rechargeable and all the other parts are verified to be safe. The electric scooter adult has a unique kinetic energy recovery system which saves the battery from getting empty too quickly. Also, because this e scooter adult is electrical, you are contributing to lower your carbon footprint.


SPECIFICATIONS: The adult electric scooter weighs 13 kg and has a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Max weight is 120 kg and max climbing gradient is 20 degrees in perfect conditions. The charging time is 3 hours and it can last for 25 km(depends on road conditions, weight of driver, weather, etc.). We provide: 12-month warranty on the battery and 2-year warranty on most other parts.



We all need to make an effort to make our earth a better place. Protecting the environment is the most urgent at the moment. This is why GRUNDIG came up with this electric scooter: it goes much longer distances than other scooters, such as scooters for boys, scooters for girls, kids scooter, micro scooter, mobility scooter, etc. it has zero emission and it is the most durable electric scooter!


We have been looking at other models of scooter electric adult and have read what customers really need. We used our years of experience in the field of electric scooter and put it in one design: The GRUNDIG electric scooter X7!


This is not just our design, this is what you have desired all your life of what an electric scooter needs to be. No matter what road conditions, or how far you want to go, this scooter for adults has it all covered.


This electric scooter is the ultimate gift for yourself or your significant other. Spend less time on commuting and more time with each other! Convenience is at your reach now. You have no excuses anymore to be stuck in traffic or to have to make a detour because roads are too narrow.


Take this beauty on a ride and see for yourself.



1. 3 Speeds: beginner mode, normal mode (white light) and sports mode (red light).

2. Waterproof as long as it is not submersed in water.

3. 2 LED lights: front and rear.

4. Product Dimensions: 108.3*42*118.6cm, Folding size: 108.3*42*46cm, Package dimensions: 116.5*49.5*18.5cm.


1. Wear a helmet whenever you go riding.

2. Do not put close to inflammable objects or overcharge the battery.

3. If you don’t use electric scooter for a long time, please charge the battery every 3 months.

4. The electric scooter is not suitable for children under the age of 12.


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