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We all know that we have to protect our earth and be more environment-friendly, but when you are going through the motions of life it is hard to really be conscious of your actions.

We are all rushing to work, be stressed all day there and then rush back home to take care of our children, try to make a healthy meal and then lie on the couch exhausted. How could we ever find the energy to then also save the planet?

We, Firematch Global, started a cooperation with GRUNDIG to help you be more environment-friendly without spending too much energy. You, actually, don't spend any energy at all, unlike cycling to work which is really tiring.

GRUNDIG X7 E-scooter has everything you need to help you with your last-mile commuting. Most European cities don't want any polluting cars into their city centers. When you cycle to work, you exhaust yourself more and arrive at work sweating. You can use one of those shared e-scooters, but they become expensive if you use them every day and they also trouble many others, as they are thrown just wherever others need to walk, cycle or even drive.

Have your own durable e-scooter and take good care of it. GRUNDIG X7 got it all covered. Check its features here:

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2020-02-06 05:18